Marketing for therapists: Who do you want to attract to your business?

By Malcolm | 17th September 2017 |

Andy from YourPerfectPractice recently wrote this blog that we thought would be helpful to our therapist members, plus it says nice things about SportsInjuryFix which we always appreciate!

Marketing for therapists: Who do you want to attract to your business?

For many private therapy business owners marketing is considered essential to growth and survival but also considered time consuming and daunting. This combination can lead to poor marketing and brand image.

The aim of marketing is to attract the specific client who you most like to work with. This means sitting down to analyse a “persona” of your ideal client.

Their demographic, type of injury history, age, income etc. Then you need to consider how to attract these perfect clients to your business.

How does your brand reflect you? Is that what these clients are looking for? The key is taking the time to understand what your clients want, why they want it and make sure you can provide it.

It’s about expectation matching.

With the modern world of internet, Dr Google and social media it is a lot more accessible to find these people if you have the correct messaging and approach.

For example, if you think you’re great at treating sports injuries from ankle sprains, knee ligament injuries to post-surgical rehabilitation then you need to consider who are these people. Importantly you need to consider where they “hang out” for advice or what they search for in Google (or Bing etc).

Taking the time to make sure your website and social media is clear how you can help your ideal client and then identifying how you can be seen by this audience is essential if you want to be successful.

On my market research, I came across This is a site where you can register your company details for free and they are doing the hard work to attract your ideal audience for you.

This is cost and time effective.

This site is full of businesses all over the UK looking for their ideal clients. The private therapy market is one of the fastest growing market worldwide. More people are understanding the need to exercise more which, combined with the growing and ageing population, leads to stress on the MSK NHS services thus increasing the demand for private services.

So how can YOU stand out?

One way is taking the time to get your messaging right when your perfect client does find you. There is no point identifying who you want to work with, taking the time to register with sites like, then do a half bothered attempt to educate these perfect clients about how YOU can help benefit THEM.

When I spoke with founder of the site he said some people didn’t even take the extra minute to fully complete their details, leaving an incomplete profile that misses the opportunity of creating the best impression, well WOW!!!

If you want to be successful in a growing and crowded market you NEED to do yourself justice. You need to highlight WHY you are the correct business for this client.

Lack of time may well be a factor for you but an extra 5 minutes to re-read or to re consider your messaging and content can be well worth the return on investment. Rushed or incomplete marketing can have the opposite effect to what you intended.

If you already are working hard towards your dream goal of having a successful and profitable private therapy business don’t let yourself down by laziness or lack of effort with your marketing.

If in doubt ask….

Hope this helps.



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