Frequently asked questions

How long does the process take?

You can create an account within 5 minutes to start using Safety-net to reduce the risk to your clients. Once signed up then input your client’s email address or mobile number and they are sent a link straight away. Clients will be asked a series of questions which takes less than 5 minutes to complete. They get the result and a recommended course of action straight away.

Which professions is this suitable for?

Personal Trainers, Exercise Professionals, Therapists and Health & Wellness professionals who have a duty of care to their clients to help identify health and medical risks.

For regulated clinicians such as Physiotherapists and Osteopath you can apply to register to receive referrals.

Does it cost my clients anything?

There is a small monthly charge of £4.99+vat per month per registered Safety-net user (eg Exercise Professionals) which allows you to request unlimited client assessments.

For clients / patients there is no charge for the assessment. If the system recommends consulting with a regulated professional, there is a fee for that consult.

How will this stop me losing clients??

We know the current frustrations of referring clients for assessments and they never come back, often because the other professional keeps them for themselves and sadly sometimes proactively advises the client not to see you again.

Safety-net provides a robust process to stop that with any regulated clinician on Safety-net who engages in such behaviour running the risk of being removed and receiving no further referrals.

On occasion the client may be declared not medically fit to proceed with your desired action however this will be in the clients health interest.

What does regulated clinician mean?

This is a person from a regulated profession such as Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Osteopathy or a Sports and Exercise Medicine Doctor who is legally able to diagnose injuries. If you are one of those professions and wish to apply to receive referrals, select here

Does it guarantee there will be no Red Flags?

Unfortunately, not, no system can prevent red flags, Safety Net is designed to identify them, not prevent them. Safety-net is a tool to assist you with your decision making based on answers the client provides. It provides a recommendation not a diagnosis. You should continue to use your own interaction with the client to make a final decision on a course of action.